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Deposition of ballas diamond and nano-crystalline diamond   半刚石和纳米晶金刚石的沉积
Nano-crystalline materials are of high interest, because mechanical and physical properties of such materials are different from coarse grained types. In case of diamond the CVD ballas type is a nano-crystalline material. Other names for ballas are also common: e.g. ball-shaped diamond, cauliflower like, nano-crystalline diamond.


Ballas is a non-faceted, polycrystalline spherically grown diamond having a radial structure. Several morphological ballas structures have been observed by varying the deposition conditions, i.e. ballas having faceted areas, flat ballas, ballas with graphitic inclusions, etc. The Nano-crystalline diamond coatings were reported during the last years and grown by adding fullerens to the deposition gas or using Ar/CH4 mixtures with less H2 additions.   半刚石是一种具有径向结构的非多面、聚晶球状金刚石。通过改变沉积条件,发现了几种形貌的半刚石结构,即具有多面的半刚石、平整的半刚石和含石墨杂质的半 刚石等等。近几年来报道了纳米晶金刚石涂层,它们是通过往沉积气体中加入添加剂或使用含有少量H2的Ar/CH4混合物形成的。
From the present point of view the ballas morphologies can be described by various microstructures. The nano-crystalline diamond is one of these microstructures.   按照目前的观点,半刚石的形貌可通过多种显微结构加以描述。纳米晶金刚石是这些显微结构中的一种。


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