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With decreasing substrate temperature, the domain boundaries marking the transition between faceted and ballas morphologies extend to higher mehtane concentrations in the gas phase(Fig.4). This behavior must be attributed to the crystallization process right at the film surface rather than to gas phase reactions since the gas phase activation (microwave power), has been kept constant. One explanation is, that with increasing surface temperatute, hydrogen desorption from the hydrogen terminated diamond surface becomes dominant. These enhanced surface reconstruciton results in subsequent defect incorporation. Etching of such defects would require additional atomic hydrogen which is unavailable.   随着基体温度的下降,标志多面金刚石和半刚石形貌转变的区域边界延伸至甲烷含量较高的地方(图4)。这种现象要归因于恰好在薄膜表面处的结晶过程,而不是 气相反应,因为气相活化作用(微波能量)已经稳定下来。一种解释是,随着表面温度的升高,金刚石表面氢的解吸附占主导。增强表面的重新形成使随后缺陷合为 一体。这类缺陷的浸蚀将需要更多得不到的原子态氢。
Another mechanism promoting the formation of the equilibrium phase graphite is surface diffusion which becomes stronger anyway at higher temperatures, especially in areas with high defect density. In the temperature range below 600℃ narrowing of the compositional range of growth of faceted diamond has also been reported for decreasing temperatures. There, the domain boudary limiting faceted growth marks the onset of two-dimensional nucleation on the diamond facets. This process eventually leads to nano-crystalline diamond structures.   促使平衡相石墨形成的另一个机理是表面扩散。不管怎样,此扩散在高温,尤其是在缺陷密度高的区域更明显。在低于600℃的温度范围内,多面金刚石生长的组 成范围据报导因温度降低而变窄。限制多面金刚石生长的区域边界标志金刚石小平面上两维成核的开始。最后,这种方法会形成纳米晶金刚石结构。

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