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Ballas types grown under conditions adjacent to the faceted diamond region were called coarse ballas in earlier publications. The Raman spectra either did not show the diamond 1332 cm-1 peak or the peak was very weak, while the D-band and the graphite peak appeared clearly. It must be noted that the Raman intensity (background) increases strongly due to the morphological change from faceted to ballas diamond.   在邻近多面金刚石区域的条件下生成的半刚石在以前的刊物中被称作粗大的半刚石。拉曼光谱要么不显示金刚石1332cm-1峰,要么显示的峰很弱。但D带和 石墨峰值却清晰可见。必须注意的是,拉曼强度(背景)因形貌从多面金刚石变成半刚石而得到明显的提高。
The ballas type grown at the transition to the graphitic deposition is characterized by a homogenous micro-twinned matrix. A slight formation of graphite lamellae is possible. In flat ballas the D-band is smaller and the graphite peak larger than in coarse ballas. The hydrogen measurements by SIMS indicate the higher hydrogen contents in the ballas layers, originating apparently in the amorphous inclusions which are saturated with hydrogen.   在向石墨沉积转变中生成的半刚石种类的特征是均匀的显微孪晶基体。形成一层很薄的石墨层是可能的。在扁平的半刚石中,D带较小,而石墨峰比粗大的半刚石中 的要大。SIMS氢测量说明,半刚石涂层中的氢含量较高,显然,这些涂层是从H2饱和的非晶态杂质中产生的。
By investigating a flat ballas layer by high resolution electron microscopy (HREM), multiple twinning, with the grains misaligned relative to the exact twin orientation across several boundaries was observed (Fig.7). Some of the boundaries showed a bright contrast indicating incoherent grain boundaries. This indicated the existence of i.e. amorphous or platelet-like intergranular phases but neither HREM or electron energy loss spectrometry (EELS) measurements indicate the presence of large volume fractions of amorphous or graphitic carbons.   使用高分辨率电镜法(HREM)对一扁平半刚石检查之后发现了多层孪生现象,相对于精确孪晶取向的不重合晶粒横穿好几个界面。 一些界面显示出不一致的晶界,从而形成了强烈的对比。 这证实了非晶态或片晶状穿晶相的存在,但是HREM和电子能量损失光谱(EELS)测量都没证实大量非晶碳或石墨碳的存在。

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