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Some examples should show that the deposition of faceted or ballas diamond is strongly related to the deposition parameters.   一些例子可以说明,多面金刚石或半刚石的沉积与沉积参数有着密切的关系。
2.1. Corelation of growth rates with diamond morphology   2.1生长速率与金刚石形貌的关系
Experimental results showed an increasing growth rate with increasing hydrocarbon concentrations while the facests geometry change from (1 1 1) to (1 0 0). After passing a maxium a decreased growth rate for ballas deposition occurs(Fig. 2). Similar trends are observed by varying other depostion parameters. Thus the growth of diamond single crystals seems to be disturbed either by too high hydrocarbon supersaturation or by less atomic hydrogen or by a decreasing surface mobility of the growth species.   实验结果表明,当小平面几何晶面从(111)变成(100)时,涂层生长速率随着碳氢浓度的提高而提高。超过最大含量后,半刚石沉积的生长速率减小(图 2)。通过改变别的沉积参数,发现了同样的情况。因此,金刚石单晶体的生长看来既受到太高的碳氢超饱和度的影响,也受到少量原子态氢的影响,还受到生长物 质表面迁移率减小的影响。
By changing deposition conditions towards ballas formation an increasing growth rate was expected—due to the increasing twinned areas of the ballas microstructure—but the experiments showed a decrease. This decrease of growth rate can be explained by an increasing etching of sp2 carbon. In other words, higher amounts of atomic hydrogen are necessary to stabilize the sp3 carbon for growing diamond than for etching sp2 carbon.   预计涂层生长速率通过改变半刚石形成的沉积条件会越来越高,因为半刚石显微结构的孪晶区域越来越多,但是,实验证明却是越来越低。生长速率越来越低的原因 是sp2碳浸蚀不断增强。也就是说,稳定金刚石生长用的sp3碳比稳定sp2 碳浸蚀用的sp3碳所需的原子态氢要多。

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