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At very low pressures the formation of atomic hydrogen is linked with the increasing gas velocity. This causes a shorter contact time at the hot-filament or in the plasma zone and therefore a lower concentration of atomic hydrogen.   在很低的压力下,原子态氢的形成与越来越高的气体速度有关。这使得它在热丝带或等离子带中的接触时间较短,从而导致原子态氢浓度较低。
3.    Charcterization and microstructure of diamond coatings   3. 金刚石涂层的表征和显微结构
The morphological changes of diamond coatings with variation of process parameters can easily be seen by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). To get further information about the layer composition Raman is widely used to identify the diamond and non-diamond carbon.   通过扫描电子显微镜(SEM)很容易看到,金刚石涂层的形貌因工艺参数的变化而变化。为了得到更多有关涂层成分的信息,广泛采用拉曼光谱法来鉴别金刚石和非金刚石碳。
3.1.    Characterization of various ballas morphologies   3.1各种半刚石形貌的表征
The change between the different morphologies (unfaceted “ballas”→cubic→octahedral) (Fig.5) is characterized by a continuous decrease in the amount of defect rich regions.   不同形貌的变化(非多面“半刚石”→立方晶体→八面晶体)(图5)的特点是缺陷富集区不断减少。
3.2.    Raman is one of the most important method to characterize the diamond quality. Beside the diamond peak the other non-diamond carbon type can be identified (e.g. graphite crystalline or microcrystalline and amorphous carbon). In general two different types of Raman spectra were observed by analyzing the different types of morphology (Fig.5):   3.2拉曼光谱表征拉曼光谱法是描述金刚石质量特征的最重要的方法之一。除金刚石峰之外,还能鉴别各种其它类型的非金刚石碳(如石墨晶体或微晶和非晶碳)。总的来说,通过对各种形貌的分析,发现了两种不同的拉曼光谱(图5):
diamond layers with amorphous contents;
ballas layers with graphitic contents.
Fig.6 compares the relevant spectra and gives information about the various peaks.


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