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The described nano-crystalline diamond deposits show nearly the same Raman peaks as ballas deposits and also the TEM images look very similar.   上述纳米晶金刚石沉积物显示出与半刚石沉积物几乎相同的拉曼谱峰,而且TEM图象也十分相似。
3.6.    Graphitic morphology   3.6石墨形貌
Transition from ballas-like morphologies to layers containing graphitic inclusions is initialized by implementation of fine lamella. These lamella appear to be of graphitic nature since Raman spectra show a sharp graphite peak at about 1585 cm-1 when lamellae are present. With increasing CH4 concentration, these lamella grow until the structure becomes exclusively lamellar.   由半刚石形貌到含有石墨杂质的涂层的转变是从细晶薄层开始的。这些薄层好象具有石墨性质,因为当薄层出现时,拉曼光谱在大约1585cm-1处显示出一个锐利的石墨峰。这些薄层随着CH4浓度的提高而长大,直到全部为层状结构为止。
4.    Summary and conculsions   4. 总结和结论
It could be shown that ballas diamond, nano-crystalline diamond and ultranano-crystalline diamond are very similar materials. In detail the microstructures shown by TEM for the nano-and ultranano-crystalline diamond can also be observed in ballas diamond. Because the description of ballas diamond includes all diamond layers without facets (from the faceted region to graphitic deposits) also the nano-and ultranano-crystalline coatings are a subgroup of ballas.   可以看出,半刚石、纳米晶金刚石和超纳米晶金刚石是十分相似的材料。TEM显示的纳米和超纳米晶金刚石显微结构在半刚石中也能看到。因为半刚石的描述包括 所有没有小平面(从多面区域到石墨沉积)的金刚石涂层,所以纳米和超纳米晶涂层是半刚石的副族。

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